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Thomas W. Mount Family Trust Future Leader Award

From 1998-2022, the Thomas W. Mount Family Trust, through the Oconomowoc Scholarship Fund, presented the Future Leader Award to one student each year for study at UW-Madison. Though this particular scholarship program has been discontinued, during its duration 25 students received the Future Leader Award, totaling $675,000.

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The Story Behind the Scholarship

Thomas Weix Mount was born in 1931 and grew up in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. His mother Loretta (Weix) was a life-time resident of Oconomowoc. Tom graduated from The University of Wisconsin-Madison with a major in Accounting. After completing his commitment of military service through ROTC, Tom’s initial employment was with the accounting firm of Arthur Andersen in Chicago.  


Tom later joined the Oconomowoc Canning Company and held various positions, ultimately retiring as CEO. During his time at the Canning Company, the business grew substantially and went public on the NASDAQ as Stokely USA in 1985. Tom was also a proponent for his industry and served as chairman of the National Food Processors Association.


Tom married Jane (Bach) of Shorewood, WI shortly after completing his education. Their four children graduated from Oconomowoc High School and two graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Jane passed away in 2008, and Tom currently resides in Naples, FL.

Tom has long been a proponent of higher education. After his retirement he sought a way to support outstanding local students and an outstanding university, The University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Working closely with the leadership of the Oconomowoc Scholarship Fund in 1998, a scholarship award was developed and called the Future Leader Award. This award would fund a large amount of the students’ tuition for all four years at UW Madison.


Discontinued in 2022, the Future Leader Award was a great success for the local area, the students, the Oconomowoc Scholarship Fund, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

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Thomas Mount Family – Thomas Mount Sr. (sitting) and pictured from left: Son Andrew, daughter Mindy, daughter-in-law Dana, and son Tom, Jr.

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Future Leader Award Recipients

2022 Jonas Ewart

2021 Madison Beck

2020 Carly Robbins
2019 Dana Schneck
2018 Brandon Mauel

2017 Michael Puetz
2016 Lucy Loessin
2015 Yukiko Ikeda
2014 Corbin Ellis
2014 Hailey Milakovich

2013 Brandon Bucholtz
2012 Andy Mueller
2011 Samantha McCarthy

2010 Lynzie Miller

2009 Christopher Spoke

2008 Kevin Zwieg
2007 Alyse Pfeil
2006 Martin De Zell
2005 Kevin Beranek
2004 Kelly Rux

2003 Mandy Faretta
2002 Austin Ramme
2001 Erin McKenna
2000 Karrie Runt
1999 Katy Wage Skarlatos

Future Leader Recipients
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